Monday, June 1, 2009

The White Stripes: Elephant

Lets just say i got bored and i remembered "Seven Nation Army". And next came the nostalgic rocking back to my ears hahaha...well not THAT nostalgic for an album thats released on 2003,
but it sure does bring back memories, would say this this is THE album that brought me to love "The White Stripes".

Well i like playing the whole album in a playlist due to the random change in tone of the whole album, you just cant get bored with it while driving on the highway or sitting at the cafe looking at random people passing by. Loved the acoustics in "You've got her in your pocket", well my honest opinion? For long drives and tea time at the cafe, i'll definately listen to this, dont mind having "Seven Nation Army" while sipping a cup of brewed coffee though haha...

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