Monday, June 1, 2009

The White Stripes: Elephant

Lets just say i got bored and i remembered "Seven Nation Army". And next came the nostalgic rocking back to my ears hahaha...well not THAT nostalgic for an album thats released on 2003,
but it sure does bring back memories, would say this this is THE album that brought me to love "The White Stripes".

Well i like playing the whole album in a playlist due to the random change in tone of the whole album, you just cant get bored with it while driving on the highway or sitting at the cafe looking at random people passing by. Loved the acoustics in "You've got her in your pocket", well my honest opinion? For long drives and tea time at the cafe, i'll definately listen to this, dont mind having "Seven Nation Army" while sipping a cup of brewed coffee though haha...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paramore's third album

Yup the rumors are there...they finished recording the songs but haven't named their album yet so it seems...but whatever it is im just happy that they are making new songs! i loved both their albums, and after listening to their soundtrack for the movie adaptation of storybook "Twilight" i can still feel the good 'ol Paramore there in "Decode"!!! So Paramore, if you're reading this, you can bet that im gonna get your latest album once its out in Malaysia!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Make The Girl Dance "Baby Baby Baby"

I just love the French people XD
source thx to
it is recommended to go to their site to watch it in wide screen ;D

ps:the electro music is the main concern here,it is greatly done IMHO. I've seen alot of negative feedbacks on other sites on the girls in the video which is IMHO "was it all about the girl?"LMAO!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Strawberry Cream Frappuccino & Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

A Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

A Strawberry Cream Frappuccino

Ever since i started working with Starbucks, my obsession for coffee was undeniably getting out of control LOL. Too bad though i cant consume much due to the acidic reaction with my stomach, maybe a cup or two would be nice, more than that you will see me making multiple runs to the restroom easing my bowels. 

Another rave of mine would be strawberry, i can openly admit that im a pure sucker for strawberries and cherries LMAO. I actually found out the existance of Strawberry Cream Frappuccino thru a japanese based blogger, that drink is currently unavailable now in Malaysia, heard it was available like 1 or 2 years ago, 
darn...i was still in Taiwan then.

Last but not least, for those that had tried the Coffee Jelly Frappuccino last year and liked it, it was a promotional drink right? and you cant get it anymore in Malaysia now? Rejoice! The drink is due to be making its apearance again estimation on June or July due to popular and mass feedbacks from customers, hopefully the promo time is exact. But to be honest, i still prefer the good ol' black coffee, 
personal favorite? Kenya at the moment :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zee Avi

Now this lady IS interesting! Her songs are seriously great, her songs in a way does resembles Corinne Bailey and Joanna Wang except that i feel that her songs sounds more fun and homely. What interest me the most was one of her song was a mix of Bahasa Malaysia and English which was wickedly nice! Her debut album was released May 19th 2009 which is today, was busy lately and didnt manage to get this news earlier lol. In my honest opinion it is really a worthy album to get, but i havent scouted for the price for the album yet and my review for her album is based on YouTube links which i have just found just now. 
Personal favourite would be "Bitter Heart" and "Kantoi". Talk bout cute song titles LOL!

Referance links: YouTube link
                             Official Website

Friday, May 8, 2009

Microsoft Sidewinder X6

-a very sturdy keyboard as it is quite heavy.
-nice feel to it while typing,looks abit more dirt resistant,hence doesnt need much cleaning.
-detachable keypad,can be relocated left AND right,nice!!! or best even none at all! 
-the backlight is superb...can even control its brightness,too bad it aint blue to match my copperhead blue tempest...but red is fine
-w,a,s,d key with additional 4 dots does the trick for me when i play CSS in the dark...

-product registration is flawed...not a serious issue
-there is no way to increase the i gotta slide something underneath it to make it higher...
-doesnt have an eject CD button...still thinking of a way to cure this issue...coz my CD player wont close if i press the CPU eject button after open.
-still need a little getting used to as the locations of keys are a little diff...nothing serious

Under the light...

In the dark...